Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carts, Bobs, and Dogs

Posted by Jennifer at 5:12 PM
This is a cake I did for a friend who went on a "pioneer trek." This isn't too uncommon in Utah (I'm assuming with my limited Utah knowledge). I know it looks blasphemous to have her "walking" on top of the American flag but it was on the Fourth of July so I figured it would be appropriate... perhaps it symbolizes her trek across the open plains of America (What?!). In any case, there are little bags of beans, sugar, flour, and postum just like the great ol' American pioneers (As a side note, postum is the non-coffee version of coffee. Feel free to ask more questions about that topic :) Everything is made out of fondant, including the cart that she's hauling. That was quite the endeavor. I didn't use wires or inedible products to make the cart... just lots of fondant, time, and love.

Now some of you might be looking at this picture of SpongeBobSquarePants (Roberto Esponja con Pantelones Cuadrados... right? Right??) and thinking to yourself "Wow, that doesn't look even remotely LIKE Mr. Square Pants." I totally agree... however, I didn't have any tools to use when making this cake (darn airport confiscated my favorite wood carving tool that I usually use for my decorations) and I made the cake with my cousins (ages 6, 11, 12). Overall, not too shabby for having nothing :)

Next up we have a cute, simple design for a small birthday party. This one was fun with no worries. I did go a bit insane with the candy balls but I wanted to make sure everyone got a few.


losie said...

...nothing except incredible talent.

Kelly on October 3, 2008 at 11:48 PM said...

so good!


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