Monday, June 15, 2009

Rubik's Cube and 2 Mini Cakes

Posted by Jennifer at 1:54 AM
This weekend was a big weekend for me. I had 6 cakes to complete and three of them were quite difficult. The first three cakes were for Emily's wedding. Emily saw a Rubik's cube online and wanted to replicate it for her groom's cake. Each tier was 9 inches by 9 inches by 3 inches. Stacked on top of each other, this cake was 9 by 9 by 9. Phew! The squares were actually more intricate to make than anticipated. Everyone knows what a Rubik's cube is and so it had to be perfect. If those squares were even slightly off, the whole look of the cake would be off. In any case, I tried to be as precise as possible and it was SO much fun to make. The cake is buttery yellow cake layered with chocolate ganache. The whole cake is covered in marshmallow fondant. In order to get the edges as crisp as possible, I cut out the sides and top a few days in advance. I measured them out so that they would fit together and cover the cake perfectly. Then, after they dried and hardened, I simply aligned the edges and (sugar) glued them together. I hope Peter was shocked and that he loved it :)

Emily was one of the most thoughtful brides I've ever seen. On her wedding day, she wanted to give her father and bridesmaid their own cakes in honor of their birthdays. So along with the Rubik's cube cake, I made two mini cakes. The first was a purple flower cake for her bridesmaid. The second cake was a camping themed birthday cake for her father. All of the decorations were made out of marshmallow fondant. Both of the mini-cakes were Peanut Butter No-Cup Cakes (chocolate cake layered with peanut butter cream filling).


madelin said...

I bet i could solve that cube---i would eat it! amazing job bud!!
camping is INTENTS!!!!
you love it.


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