Friday, July 10, 2009

Blue Dragon Cake and Cake Truffles

Posted by Jennifer at 10:34 PM
Katie and Jered got married today and Katie wanted to surprise her new husband with a dragon cake as the Groom's cake. I showed up, blue dragon cake and all, and Katie's family was very sweet about the cake. The new couple was out taking their wedding photos when the groom walked in to grab some water. All of Katie's guests quickly stood in front of the cake to hide it from him and shoved him back out of the door! I didn't get to see the new couple's reaction to their cake but I hope they loved it.

The body of the cake was a chocolate cake with a cool blue mint buttercream to match the decor. The head was made out of fondant while the neck, tail, and feet were rice crispies covered in buttercream and fondant. Then, I placed each scale on the dragon individually by hand with smaller scales on the end and larger scales in the middle body area. It was very time consuming but I wanted to get the right effect for the dragon. I wanted it to look scale-y (if that's a word). The "dorsal fin" looking scales that are standing up are also made out of homemade marshmallow fondant. The dragon wings were also edible and made out of fondant. I was very happy that everything on this cake was completely edible except the thin wire that attached the wings to the body. I wanted to attach a second photo to show the size of this cake. It twas large :)

After carving the body of the cake, I had lots of cake leftover but wanted to make sure that Katie and Jered had enough servings for their wedding guests. I used the leftover cake and buttercream to make cake truffles, also known as cake balls. They are rich and moist balls of cake mixed with the mint buttercream. I hope they ate all of those too!


Lisa on July 11, 2009 at 3:01 AM said...

Okay... that dragon cake kicks ass. And placing each scale individually was brilliant. Now I'm already thinking ahead to Sheridan's 2nd b-day ;-P

Kelly on July 11, 2009 at 9:49 AM said...

Wow! That is really cool! I mean, I dont really like dragons, but that one I like! And I want to eat those cake truffles. Send me the leftovers ASAP! And I dont even like chocolate cake! :) WELL DONE, again.... and again... and again.... You rock!

losie said...

....COOLEST CAKE.....EVAH!!!!!!

;) Great job, bud!

James Butts on March 7, 2017 at 2:01 AM said...

I was born Year of the Dragon, and my favorite color is blue. I want one...


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