Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Smurfs, a Gazebo, and 600 Mini-Desserts!!

Posted by Jennifer at 12:31 AM
This weekend was a big one! Kara and Chase got married and wanted a unique set of cakes to match their fun and unique personalities. The first cake was a domed gazebo to match the location of their wedding because this was where they got engaged. The dome cake was nearly 18-inches wide and weighed more than I can imagine (again, I needed my side-kick/muscle to carry the cake to the site... Rosie to the rescue again!). The cake was a lemon raspberry cake with raspberry cream filling and raspberry buttercream. They wanted phrases from their favorite songs to be around the edges of the cake. It's amazing how much smaller this cake looks in this picture!

The second cake is the one they wanted to cut. It's also a lemon raspberry cake. Interestingly, this cake is much bigger in the picture than it was at the wedding because it was a mini-cake. The base cake was 6-inches, the middle was 4-inches and the top was 2-inches wide. The two smurfs at the top were an adorable touch by the bride and groom.

The wedding colors were bright yellow, purple and red so when the bride asked for lemon bars and brownie bites, we made some decisions on how to make the order more vibrant and fun. The couple wanted 350 mint brownie bites and 250 lemon bars. I made extra in the process just in case anything messed up so they ended up with around 380 brownie bites and 280 lemon bars (what was I going to do with 30 brownies and lemon bars? :) It was a long two days to get everything prepared but Rosie and I literally finished without a minute to spare. We topped the brownies with mint-flavored buttercream dyed to match the wedding colors. The lemon bars are inside the fun and colorful cupcake holders that Kara chose herself. I made the cupcake stands a few days ago and matched those to the wedding colors as well. As Rosie and I set up the cakes, lemon bars, and brownie bites, the bride and groom started their wedding photos so I got to see the couple's reaction to the cakes. :) They already looked thrilled and happy from the wedding. It felt great to be a part of a couple's special day like this... totally stressful but totally worth it!


number 2 said...

Dar Williams wrote a song about how awesome this cake is.


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