Thursday, September 10, 2009

With our Powers Combined...

Posted by Jennifer at 1:06 AM

No, this isn't a Captain Planet cake but wow, I would LOVE to make one of those.

This cake was for Hunter who turned three. He wanted a Super Hero themed cake, specifically the Hulk and Spiderman. Rather than making a single tier cake for him, I figured we should go all the way with this one. There's only one real tier of cake and it's a rainbow bright cake. It's a sweet vanilla cake colored to match the theme (green, yellow, and red) with sprinkles baked in and layered with rainbow sprinkle buttercream. The other tiers are fake cakes covered in fondant and decorated with fondant. All of the logos and designs and capes are handmade from fondant.

This time, I had an awesome helper to create this monstrosity of a cake. Alex is an up-and-coming caker herself and has recently started decorating her own cakes with fondant. She's 13 and reminded me so much of myself. We started off the night just talking and sharing how we do cakes but as the night went all, we both focused in and zoned out. I usually put Friends, the show, on in the background and she even knew the lines like I did. I was not only impressed by her caking skills but also her Friends knowledge. I have a feeling that this is the start of a beautiful relationship centered around delicious cake! Thanks for your help, Alex! Hunter LOVED the cake when he came to pick it up today.... I wish you could've seen the reaction to your hard work!



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