Friday, June 18, 2010

Old School Nintendo Controller

Posted by Jennifer at 8:46 PM

Some of you know that I teach Communication classes at the University of Utah and at Neumont University. This quarter, I taught a class with some awesome gents (all men in my class) and had a really great semester. To thank them, I made them a giant old school Nintendo controller. Although most of them never had an NES, they all knew what it was and loved it. Because Neumont University is a computer science school, I had to make sure I did this one right (and because my brothers would mock me relentlessly). This cake was 16 inches long and 8 inches wide and had two flavors. One side of the cake was Ruby Red Velvet cake with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting while the other side was Mom's Apple Pie Cake (spice cake with apples baked into the cake layered with cheesecake filling and buttercream).

My students jokingly suggested that I make them a cake for the day of the final and a few of them suggested I make Red Velvet. What can I say, I have a soft spot in my heart for my students. The cake was covered in homemade marshmallow fondant and I hand cut all of the elements to this cake to match the dimensions as best as I could. Here's a shot of the inside of the Ruby Red Velvet side. What was especially funny was that after we had cake, they had to take a final exam. I told them that I tried to put them on a sugar high beforehand... don't worry, they did well on the final exam as well. :)


it'suh me-uh MARIO~ said...

wow, this takes me back!...this cakes me back..? ;) awesome!!!

Neumont on April 20, 2011 at 10:56 AM said...

This cake is awesome! Love that we have such great faculty at Neumont University!

Stacy Hughes
Neumont University
Communications Manager

Gino said...

Jennifer you were an awesome teacher and I miss your class! Go Lakers!


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