Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Joke in Cake Form

Posted by Jennifer at 6:56 PM
What do you get when you cross a brown chicken and a brown cow? Brown chicken brown cow! (Picture someone saying it like "bow-chicka-bow-wow") In any case, that's the joke that Abbi wanted to share with her boyfriend for his birthday cake. I guess her boyfriend had never had a birthday cake (how sad, right?) and so she wanted to surprise him with this cake with one of their favorite inside jokes. We decided that it would be cute to have little hearts around the cake symbolizing the love between the chicken and the cow (although I'm not sure if they actually get together in the end of that joke).

Abbi chose coffee flavored cake layered with chocolate buttercream and caramel while the other flavor was Lemonberry (lemon cake layered with raspberry filling). The whole cake was covered in homemade marshmallow fondant and I cut the animals out by hand. Abbi was so happy when she saw the cake. I'm so glad she loved it and I hope her boyfriend did too :)



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