Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Small Road of Life Birthday Cake

Posted by Jennifer at 1:43 PM
Jennifer wanted a special birthday cake for her dad this year. She was actually at a surprise retirement party for Dr. Edna Rogers a while back and loved the idea of doing a road of life cake. Because this cake wasn't too big, we wanted to put different milestones and special personalized details of his life onto the cake. Bob served a mission in Germany, "collects" and rescues cats, vacations in Palm Springs, loves his cabin, enjoys photography, and is a member of a Duck club (not shooting but rather watching ducks).

The cake was covered in homemade marshmallow fondant and I used a number of techniques for the decorations. The ducks were hand cut out of white fondant and then I painted on the green and brown colors. The cats were also a combination of fondant shapes and hand-painting to get the right details on the cats. For the Palm Springs post card, I first cut the postcard. I added a layer of gray-ish colored mountains made of fondant and then painted a blue sky behind it. I added lettering on top of the colors and mountain as well as palm trees and coconuts cut from fondant. Although you can't see all of the details here, I had a lot of fun making each piece to personalize the cake even further.

The top tier was Mom's Apple Pie Cake ( Moist apple spice cake with baked apples layered with cheesecake cream filling) and the bottom tier was After Dinner Mint Cake (Minty chocolate cake layered with mint chocolate ganache and mini-chocolate chips). I love making this type of design because it really doesn't mean much to the passer by but those that attended the party and who know Bob really enjoy seeing all of the details of his life. Jennifer and her family loved the cake (YAY!) and Bob's 80th birthday bash was a hit!


gelato bear said...

this is a really fun, awesome cake!!


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