Sunday, December 2, 2012

Steampunk Gramophone Cake

Posted by Jennifer at 1:55 PM
So Steph & Stacy, the twins, were turning 30 and wanted a very interesting cake for their birthday. I love their sister, Corrinne, and so when they were referred to me, I was down for the challenge. A Steampunk Gramophone Cake? I don't even know what half of those words mean! So I did quite a bit of research and then freaked out a little bit... and then designed this cake. This is an all edible sugar & cake creation. It was Ruby Red Velvet & Boston Cream Pie Cake all covered in marshmallow fondant and then decorated with more marshmallow fondant.

The gears on the bottom tier were hand cut and then I sprayed with edible silver & gold shimmer. I added a border around each side of the bottom box and then painted it with edible bronze shimmer. The brown background was hand painted with a mixture of brown edible food coloring and bronze shimmer.

For the gramophone, I created the shape of the top and then dried it around a cone. I made an extra cone just in case, because after all, this is all sugar! Lucky I did because on that day, I had two deliveries, a wedding cake and this one. I delivered the wedding cake first and on my first bump into that neighborhood, I heard a crack. Now, a little background, I usually crank the music when I deliver cakes so that I can't hear anything in the back (the slightest noise from a cake freaks me out). For this cake though, I knew the weight of that cone would be a problem so I kept the music down and sure enough, that first bump killed the gramophone. So the wedding cake was all delivered and set up and I was driving to the twin's house thinking "Well NOW what am I going to do?" Luckily, I brought my back up cone and my cake-emergency kit (It looks like a tackle box filled with all sorts of goodies in case of emergencies like this!). Parked outside of their house, I popped open the trunk and started fixing this cake. The weight of the cone was hard to prop up correctly but I made it work. The girls loved the cake and after the immense amount of stress & pressure it gave me, I loved it too :)



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