Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alphabet Blocks for Luke

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This cake was for.... can you guess? LUKE! YES!! Good job! :) Luke's favorite toys are the Fisher-Price see-through alphabet blocks. Because cake isn't see-through, I took the objects on the inside (Lions for L, Umbrellas for U, Keys for K, and Elephants for E) and made them out of fondant to place around the blocks. The cake doesn't look as big as it did in person. Each block was 4-inches wide/long and almost 4-inches tall. I've learned a lot about shaping cakes and getting them as tall as I'd like. Twas quite the challenge but so much fun in the end. Luke (who is one) wanted two blocks to be red velvet cake with cream-cheese-frosting and two blocks to be yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting. Luke was thrilled when he saw the cake (and so was his mom :) She sent me a picture of the cake and the blocks that I modeled this cake after so you could see too!

Transformers... The Animated Version

Posted by Jennifer at 12:33 PM 1 comments

So I grew up with the old school cartoons and I guess there's a new Transformers Animated series. This is a cake for Julien (who is so adorable!!) and his favorite character is Bumblebee. I made the three pictures by hand out of marshmallow fondant (and a LOT of patience... well, not at first, but I got there! :) One of the first things Julien said was, "CAN I EAT HIM!?" So cute! Hope you likey!

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