Monday, December 31, 2012

Very Merry Unbirthday!

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Breanna was throwing Londyn a very merry 1st unbirthday and wanted a fun cake to match the theme of the party. The top tier was Londyn's smash cake and it was all buttercream with a marshmallow fondant rim and card. The bottom two tiers were covered in marshmallow fondant with edible keys and watches covered edible gold shimmer. I piped on a buttercream pearl swagged border on the bottom tier and topped off the cake with a peacock feather. The cake was so much fun to make. All of the details took quite a long time to make but were totally worth it in the end. The cake was Lemonberry & Candy Bar Cake (check out my full flavor list at

Mini Star Wars Birthday Cake

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Amy saw the Star Wars cake I made a while back with a similar design and wanted something smaller for Summit's birthday cake. It's covered in marshmallow fondant with MMF shooting stars and light sabers on top. I hand-cut the characters and the logo from MMF. By this point, I've made Yoda, Darth Vader, Leia, Luke, and R2 so many times, I could do it in my sleep :)

Chanel No 1... in cake form

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Katie was throwing an awesome 1st birthday bash for her daughter, Chloe. She had adorable pictures of Chloe in pink and black with a Chanel purse done up for the invitations so I modeled this cake after that idea. We have the perfume Chanel No. 1 bottle on the left  covered in marshmallow fondant and edible pearls. Then, I made a cute black and pink hat box with a Chanel purse on top that's covered in edible shimmer. The little pink purse in the front was little Chloe's smash cake. I had so much fun with this cake! Thank you, Katie, for always giving me such great cake designs!! :)

80s Themed Birthday Cake

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Jenna wanted a fun birthday cake for her husband's big 3-0! She sent me her birthday invites which were 80s themed and sooooooo cool! We designed this cake around the theme and I think it turned out so great! The bottom tier was Pac-Man, the middle tier was a Rubik's cube and the top was a throw back to Mario, except it was Brian coming out of the pipe. The whole cake was covered in marshmallow fondant and I added an old-school boom box and two cassette tapes at the base (made out of fondant). Making Yoshi, his egg, and Brian as Mario were especially fun!

The cake was Brownie Lovers cake and Strawberry Not So Short Cake. Yum!

Friday, December 14, 2012

It's a Great Pumpkin Cake, Charlie Brown

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Effey (who ordered the topsy turvy painting cake) ordered this Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown cake for several birthdays they were celebrating at the same time. This was one side of the cake so you can see the "Wecome Great Pumpkin!" sign and Charlie Brown & Lucy. The other sides had more characters and other happy birthday signs as well. It was Caramel Macchiato Cake covered in marshmallow fondant. As you might be able to tell, I'm getting closer to only 1 year behind in my posts! Yowza!

Tangled Inspired Birthday Cake

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I did Oakley's Minnie Mouse themed birthday last year and this year, her mom wanted a Tangled themed birthday cake. Jill knew she didn't want a typical Tangled Tower cake so I came up with the idea of doing a dress-inspired cake. Since I love the movie, I knew what Repunzel's dress looked like and I wanted to incorporate the main symbolic star as well. Now, this being a Repunzel cake, I had to have some hair right? Well Oakley's smash cake was the top tier so it was all buttercream and then I added the yellow braid of marshmallow fondant hair. The cake was Rainbow Bright & Strawberry Cheesecake Cake (check out my full flavor list at After i was done, I was a little worried that she looked.... like... I don't know, a headless doll! Oakley loved it so that's all that matters, right?

Grandkids Anniversary Cake

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Karen wanted an anniversary cake for her parents and wanted to feature the grandkids... all 11 of them! I was wondering how in the world I could incorporate 11 different grandchildren into one fall-themed cake and this is what we cake up with. Karen sent me a picture of all the kids and I created little cartoon versions of them with marshmallow fondant and then piped their names on with buttercream. The top tier was 24-Carrot Cake and the bottom tier was Banana Cream Pie Cake (one of my favorites!) The whole cake is covered in marshmallow fondant with MMF leaves and faces. So much fun! I hope the kids got to eat their own pieces :)

Lego Birthday Cake

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This Lego birthday cake was quite the labor of love! It was a 3-tiered birthday cake for Brayden, who was turning 7. Nychole wanted a birthday cake based on a Lego cake she found online... and I mean a cake made out of Legos. We took the same ideas from the cake and I recreated them in marshmallow fondant. Everything on the cake was edible, including the "candles" on top and then Lego pieces on the bottom tier. It took quite some time to finish this puppy but I loved it in the end. The cake was Almond Joy Cake, Brownie Lovers Cake & Tuxedo Cake (check out my full flavor list at

Rock On Baby Shower Cake!

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I loved making this baby shower cake! It was so much fun to recreate the Rock'n'Roll design based on the baby shower invitation. The cake was Mocha Java Cake (YUUUUUUUM!) and was all buttercream with marshmallow fondant decorations (the blue and skull parts). I used edible food coloring to create the shading on the top of the cake and then hand-piped the little designs all over the sides. Soooo cute!

Mini-Minnie & Mini-Mickey Cakes

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I love how some cakes come in waves. Last week I posted a few 3-tiered Mickey Mouse cakes that were due on the same time and this time, I had 2 mini cakes. This cute little Minnie Mouse cake was used for a fundraising event because Hilary didn't want to bake something herself... haha. I was happy to help! They raised $130 for this cake... top seller of the night! Yay! The cake on the right was a little mini- Mickey Mouse cake for Emma's second birthday. Both cakes were covered in marshmallow fondant and the ears were MMF as well. It's much easier than it looks! Take some black fondant, use a circle cutter and cut out two pretty thick round circles. Insert 2 toothpicks or flower wire into the ears and let them dry overnight. When they're ready, stick them into the sides of the top tier. Super easy! :)

Painter's Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake

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Effey wanted a unique birthday cake for YiaYia's 80th birthday cake! She wanted to incorporate her painting and the color scheme from their birthday invitations. To make it even more interesting, we did a topsy turvy cake. The whole cake is covered in marshmallow fondant and it was Caramel Crunch Cake (check out my full flavor list at The paint on the top of the cake was all buttercream and the painting was done using food coloring as water color. The paintbrushes are marshmallow fondant as well. Yum!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Harry Potter Cake

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I'll be honest, I don't know anything about Harry Potter. I know he's a kid... does magic (is that even right?) Don't send me hate mail because I don't know anything about this book/movie series! Anywho, that meant I had to do a lot of research and since I had done a Harry Potter cake that Molly already loved, we went with a very similar idea. I don't know what the golden ball with wings is but it was quite the feat to create. It was probably 6-9 inches long in wingspan and the ball wasn't very big but it had to hold the weight of those fondant wings. It held up nicely. The birthday girl wanted Strawberry Cheesecake Cake with rainbow sprinkles (my kind of girl :) Yum!

Strawberry Shortcake Cake

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Rachel wanted a little cutesy Strawberry Shortcake Cake for Reagan's 3rd birthday so we made this sweet little cake with marshmallow fondant strawberries and sign. It was Strawberry Not so Short Cake (of course! How could it not be!) :) Umm... let's see. I think that's it. Oh, the red stitching and trim around the pink top were all hand piped with buttercream. Okay, now I think that's it :)

Steampunk Gramophone Cake

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So Steph & Stacy, the twins, were turning 30 and wanted a very interesting cake for their birthday. I love their sister, Corrinne, and so when they were referred to me, I was down for the challenge. A Steampunk Gramophone Cake? I don't even know what half of those words mean! So I did quite a bit of research and then freaked out a little bit... and then designed this cake. This is an all edible sugar & cake creation. It was Ruby Red Velvet & Boston Cream Pie Cake all covered in marshmallow fondant and then decorated with more marshmallow fondant.

The gears on the bottom tier were hand cut and then I sprayed with edible silver & gold shimmer. I added a border around each side of the bottom box and then painted it with edible bronze shimmer. The brown background was hand painted with a mixture of brown edible food coloring and bronze shimmer.

For the gramophone, I created the shape of the top and then dried it around a cone. I made an extra cone just in case, because after all, this is all sugar! Lucky I did because on that day, I had two deliveries, a wedding cake and this one. I delivered the wedding cake first and on my first bump into that neighborhood, I heard a crack. Now, a little background, I usually crank the music when I deliver cakes so that I can't hear anything in the back (the slightest noise from a cake freaks me out). For this cake though, I knew the weight of that cone would be a problem so I kept the music down and sure enough, that first bump killed the gramophone. So the wedding cake was all delivered and set up and I was driving to the twin's house thinking "Well NOW what am I going to do?" Luckily, I brought my back up cone and my cake-emergency kit (It looks like a tackle box filled with all sorts of goodies in case of emergencies like this!). Parked outside of their house, I popped open the trunk and started fixing this cake. The weight of the cone was hard to prop up correctly but I made it work. The girls loved the cake and after the immense amount of stress & pressure it gave me, I loved it too :)

Shopping & Make Up Sweet 16 Cake

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Tonya threw a big Sweet 16 bash for her daughter Shontae and wanted a shopping & make up themed birthday cake. I know it doesn't look like it but there are three flavors here, Brownie Lovers Cake, Ruby Red Velvet, & Cookies & Cake. See, the trick it, the tall shopping bag is actually 2 full tiers of cake and then it's covered in marshmallow fondant so that it looks like one cake. The bag handles and the "tissue paper" are also made out of marshmallow fondant. I made all of the make up pieces by hand out of fondant and then added those around the two bags. I'm realizing right now that I shouldn't have put the cake and accessories on a pinkish/red-ish background because you can't see the details in the make up pieces. Dang it! So sorry! I'll work on that :)

A Distinguished Gentleman's Birthday Cake

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Joshlin was throwing a mustache themed distinguished gentleman's surprise birthday party for her hubby and wanted a very unique cake for the shindig. Everything in this picture is made of cake or sugar. We did a bottle of Brandy, a bowler hat, a folded shirt with his favorite "relax" logo and cuff links, a replica of his favorite watch, a bow tie and a gentleman's loafer shoe. Oh, and there's a mustache in front of the shirt box that you can barely see.

The cakes were Lemon Supreme Cake, Banana Cream Pie Cake, and Caramel Macchiato Cake (check out all of my flavors at Everything was covered in homemade marshmallow fondant and the box, Brandy, and shoe were all hand-painted. This cake was so cool to make because each piece was very different. Joshlin has since moved out of Utah and I was so sad to see her go! She came up with such fun cake ideas and challenges! More cakes for Joshlin to come on the blog :)


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Introducing Salt Cake City CUPCAKE BEANIES! These hand-knitted adorable cupcake beanies come in baby, child, and adult sizes. They're made with super soft baby yarn and are machine washable! After today's boutique, I only have 2 baby beanie
s (1 in blue, 1 in white), 2 kid pink cupcakes, and 1 in each color for adults. I wish I was talented enough to make these myself but I'm not, however, my beanie maker can create different sizes and colors on request. They're $8 each and perfect for Christmas presents! If you'd like to order, email me anytime at

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