Monday, January 23, 2012

Black & White Damask with Lime Green Flowers

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Anika was having a very elegant wedding and wanted a damask patterned wedding cake. We originally played around with the idea of having lime green design on a white cake but then determined that black and white was the way to go with accents of lime green and white flowers. The cake was 24-Carrot Cake, Coconut Macaroon, and White Almond Wedding Cake (flavor list at It was covered in homemade marshmallow fondant and then the design on the cake was all buttercream.

This cake was huge! It doesn't look like it from the picture but wow! When we carried this in, we were SO nervous about dropping it. The reception was held in the backyard of this beautiful estate and in order to get the cake into the wedding gazebo, we went through the driveway, down the side of the main house, down a steep heel, over a bridge (not over a river and through the hills though), and into the gazebo. Phew! This cake was HEAVY! In any case, the wedding reception was absolutely beautiful and just as I put the finishing touches on the cake, the beautiful bride and groom came in. They were so happy with the outcome and therefore, so was I  :)

Pink Ruffle Cake with Mini Cakes

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Cynthia wanted this pink ruffled cake that she had seen on the internet. I had been wanting to do this cake design as well so I was thrilled to get her order. This cake was around 6 inches tall and it was Neopolitan Dynamite Cake (layered chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cake) covered in light pink buttercream, no fondant here. To go with the main cake, she wanted little mini cakes that were also Neopolitan Dynamite flavored. These tiny little things were so much fun to make (okay, they were difficult and frustrating too but in the end, I felt so rewarded :) These were covered in deep brown  marshmallow fondant and I piped initials and "4" on the top in honor of the little birthday girl. I love how simple, yet elegant both of these design were and how they complimented each other well. 

Bumblebee Birthday Cake

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Ashley wanted a showpiece birthday cake for her daughter's 5th birthday. She was having a bumblebee themed cake (which is appropriate since we're in the beehive state :) This three tiered cake was covered in marshmallow fondant and decorated with tiny edible MMF bumblebees. The cake was S'mores Cake, Lemonberry Cake, and Turtle Power Cake (Check out my flavor list at

I made the little bees by forming oval yellow balls with fondant. I cut out tiny white little circles for wings and then let them dry and harden over night. I painted black lines on the yellow bodies with a paintbrush and black food coloring. I let that dry a bit, then shoved the little wings in the sides of the body. I curled thin flower wire and then inserted one end into the bees. It was so simple for such a nice detailed touch.

Black Draping & Red Roses Wedding Cake

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 Summer wanted an elegant white wedding cake with black marshmallow fondant draping, red sugar roses, and small gold dragees placed around the cake. The cake was Ruby Red Velvet Cake and Emerald City Cake (pistachio flavored cake layered with pistachio cream filling and pistachio pieces). It was covered in buttercream (no fondant on the cake except the draping). Getting the perfect sides to a buttercream cake takes lots of time and love :) I then accented the cake with edible rolled roses that are lined with edible gold shimmer. You can see that details a little better here. It was much more noticeable in person, I promise. Then, I placed gold dragees around the cake in no particular pattern.
I loved how this cake turned out! The fondant draping looks just how I wanted. Phew! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stingray and Shark Birthday Cake

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Lisa wanted an underwater themed birthday cake for her son's 4th birthday at the aquarium. Well, actually, she wanted a shark and stingray cake :) She said that Ayden loved all kinds of sharks and stingrays and that I should focus on those. I had never made a stingray out of fondant but was up for the job. In order to get the color variation I wanted, I covered the whole cake in blue fondant then hand-painted dark blue and green onto the fondant. I added in some fondant crabs, starfish, sea anemones, coral, and most importantly the stingray and two types of sharks. I wanted Ayden on the cake somewhere too so I made him out of fondant and had him scuba diving on the top. The top tier was Rainbow Bright cake and the bottom tier was After Dinner Mint cake. I loved making all of the little details on this cake. It was one of those themes where I couldn't really go wrong (well, technically that crab is floating in mid air but other than that, I couldn't go wrong :)

Black & White Shimmered Damask Wedding Cake

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Jarom and Hillary wanted a very elegant wedding cake to match their wedding theme and venue. They got married at Chateau Faire, which is a beautiful and cozy wedding venue with a cottage feel to it. To keep to the black, white, and red theme, we did an all white wedding cake with touches of black and deep red roses. The whole cake was shimmered with edible pearl shimmer. The middle tier was quilted with a special cushion pattern to give it a little more detail and then small black dragees were placed in the corners. The bottom tier was all shimmered with a three piece damask pattern on each side.

The cake was Lemon Supreme Cake, Vanilla Latte Cake, and Brownie Lovers Cake (Check out more information on my website, under flavors). Yum!

Thank you so much to Hillary and Suzanne. This cake order was so much fun to complete and they were just such wonderful people. I've worked with both of them on several cakes now and look forward to a long cake future together :)

New York Rangers Hat Cake

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Hillary wanted to surprise Jarom, her new hubby, with a groom's cake at the wedding. Suzanne, the bride's mom, knew it should be hockey related and even Rangers related but at first, we weren't sure what to do. We toiled around with a few ideas, like doing a rink or a jersey but then it hit them both. He loves his New York Rangers hat and wears it everyday. They knew it would be the perfect groom's cake. The cake was Emerald City flavored (pistachio flavored cake with pistachio cream filling and buttercream) and covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. I hand-painted all of the patches that were on the hat (the NHL logo, and the two Rangers logos). I shaped the bill of the hat with a real hat bill and then added the grooves to make it look more realistic.

 When I delivered the cake, both Hillary and Suzanne LOVED it! They couldn't get over how realistic it was and therefore, I was very happy. I didn't get to see Jarom's reaction but Suzanne said that he didn't even want to cut into it. The happy couple took it home, stuck it in the fridge, went on a honeymoon, came back, and ate it then! She said it was still so moist and delicious! It's the magic of fondant :) Congrats to both of you! (Wedding cake picture to come next)

Musical Themed Graduation Cake

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Ron wanted a music themed graduation cake for Kiley. She got accepted into ASU and wanted to celebrate her future adventures as well. The cake was Brownie Lovers cake and we used light blue and yellow, which are the colors from her high school in Taylorsville. The cap was rice kripsies covered in buttercream and marshmallow fondant and the cap top was all fondant. To make all of the musical notes, I cut them all out of fondant and then stuck a thin wire in the bottoms. I let them dry overnight and then they stood up for the cake occasion. I love the color combo here and also enjoyed making another themed graduation cake. Yay!

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