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Pink & Orange Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake

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Before I get started, here is a featured spot on this wedding:

You know how you love your kids equally but some just behave better than others? That's how I feel about my cakes. I love them all but some just cooperate and flow beautifully while others give me trouble into the night. This cake, made for Stephanie's colorful and bright wedding, was so much fun to make. It really was a great night of marshmallow fondant that cooperated, just pearls that stayed together, and sugar flowers that popped off of the cake. I really couldn't be more happy with how this cake cake together, was made, and was completed. So let's start from the top.
 Stephanie & her mom, Grace, were so excited for this cake. That was a great start! I knew that they wanted something fun, colorful, and unique. They knew they wanted a topsy cake and wanted to use orange and pink. We went back and forth on a quite a few designs before ending with this one. Stephanie and her parents came to a cake tasting where they brought tons of inspirations. They had tulle from the bride's amazing custom made dress (from Modest Couture,, teapots, colors, teacups, and lots of excitement! It was a great night! At the tasting they decided on Ruby Red Velvet cake (layered with cream cheese frosting) and Coconut Cream Pie Cake (coconut cake layered with coconut flakes and coconut cream filling). I actually made quite a few cupcakes for the tasting as well since we supplemented the cake with cute cupcakes. They took those home and later told me that they ate them all for all meals of the day :)
 The cake was covered in marshmallow fondant and accented with fondant sugar flowers, sugar pearls, and topped with a sugar teacup filled with flowers. When I delivered this cake to La Caille, I couldn't believe just how perfect the venue was for this wedding. Please do check out the blog post that featured this wedding because you HAVE to see Stephanie's wedding dress and the room that was decorated so beautifully.

I cannot say enough about Grace & Stephanie. They were tremendously gracious and trusting of their vision and their planning of this wedding was executed so perfectly. I love when weddings are about the bride and groom and this wedding definitely was. Everything was thoughtfully planned to reflect the personalities involved here. Congratulations to the couple and I can't wait to work with you again! :)

Buzz Lightyear Themed Cake

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Nikki wanted a Buzz Lightyear themed birthday cake for Kaiden's 2nd birthday. Due to copyright laws, I can't recreate Buzz so we decided that I'd create a cake around Buzz's theme and then she could place a little Buzz toy on the cake (I know, the laws are silly!). The Brownie Lovers cake was topped with a rice krispie planet. The whole cake was covered in marshmallow fondant and accented with edible shimmer, pearls, and dragees.

Black Swirls & Blue Border Wedding

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Whitney wanted a big wedding cake to match the color scheme and feel of the wedding. She had seen a cake that she loved and wanted something similar. This 5-tiered cake  was covered in marshmallow fondant and then I hand-piped the swirls onto the cake. The border on the bottom was edged to give it more detail and then an aqua fondant band went around the cake as well. The cake flavor was Cookies & Cake, vanilla cake layered with crushed Oreos and buttercream.

This cake was a lot of hard work but lots of fun. Because the design isn't completely set, I get to sit and just pipe freely until my heart's content. Yay!

I have to say that Whitney's mother, Michelle, was awesome during the whole process. It's great to get to work with people who care about the same things I care about and who trust my abilities. I got to do Whitney's sister's wedding a few weeks ago as well and just appreciate the kindness of this family.

Gears of War cake

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Emily wanted a Gears of War cake for her son's birthday. I didn't know what it was (all you nerds out there, I'm ashamed, okay! I'm ashamed! haha) so I did some research and found this logo. I knew it would be a challenge to recreate in all edible form but I was up for the challenge. Essentially I made a round cake, then added rice krispies to form the spokes around the cake. Each one was different so I had to cut, shave, form, and cover in buttercream a few times before I was happy with the shape.

I covered this "Can I Have Smores Cake" (chocolate cake layered with graham crackers, chocolate chips, and marshmallow fluff) with marshmallow fondant differently than I usually do. I covered the top in all red then I rolled out a long and wide piece of fondant to cover the sides of the cake. This made a more crisp edge. For the skull, I blew up a picture of the actual logo and then used it as a stencil to cut out the exact skeleton face. I placed it on the black inside circle and then used water and a paintbrush with black food coloring to give the face some shadow. I was so happy with the outcome and my brother (who apparently has the games and books) was really happy with it :)

Green, green, green, wedding cake

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Jenny saw a cake that she loved and wanted something similar for her wedding. The cake is all light yellow-green with a darker green crimped border. The top and bottom tiers were quilted with tiny pearls in the corners. The florist provided these beautiful flowers. The long pieces were so cool! (Yeah, I don't know what those are called... haha).

Jenny chose White Almond Wedding Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake Cake, and Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. The whole cake was covered in marshmallow fondant. The venue at Wadley Farms was beautiful! It looked like a cute little cottage in the middle of nowhere! It was raining that day but the venue was so rustic and warm inside. Absolutely beautiful! :)

Poker Groom's Cake

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Regan wanted to surprise her future husband with a poker themed groom's cake. I made a similar cake for the TV spot I did on KUTV and so we recreated it with a better hand :) The cake was Mocha Java flavored (Chocolate cake layered with coffee buttercream... yum!) and covered in homemade marshmallow fondant.

I love the simplicity of this cake. The cards are really just rectangles, the chips are just circles, and the side pieces are fondant discs with spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds cut with aspic cutters. To make the chips, I cut out circles, then used a circle cutter even small to indent a circle inside of the chip. I cut out tiny white squares and placed them around the edges to make it look more realistic.

Thank you to my brothers for all of their help and "research" in getting the cards and chips as accurate as possible :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ladies that Luncheon (or Ladies that Cake :)

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WOW! That's not me patting myself on the back, I promise :) I believe it stands for Women of Worship. Carol wanted a unique cake for her women's church group gathering. She specifically wanted "girlie" and "pink" and more "girlie." We decided that a purse, hatbox, and present box would be perfect. I accented the cake with some edible sugar pearls, sugar brooch, sugar flower, and sugar bow. The whole cake is edible, including the "tissue paper" in the present and hat box. 
I had so much fun making this zebra printed purse. First, I made the sugar flower with a pearl center and the brooch that's all sugar pearls and let those set up for a few days. I didn't want this whole cake to be black and white because Carol was pretty specific in her need for PINK! Haha. I shaped out the purse, frosted it, then covered it in marshmallow fondant. I added a flap over the top and used a quilting tool to add seams to the purse. I cut out zebra stripes freehand because it's way more fun that way. I added a purse strap, the flower, and brooch and Ta-Da!
 I used a cool stencil design I found a while back for this present box and topped it off with a fondant bow. The lid was made out of rice krispies and then I propped it up just a bit to add the edible tissue paper.
 The hatbox was extra tall (to fit a hat, of course) and topped off with a rice-krispie hatbox lid. I draped the sugar pearls around the box to give it a little more detail.

I believe the flavors were Banana Cream Pie, Mocha Java, and Brownie Lovers. Yum! I would've stayed to eat all three flavors, especially because the ladies were so much fun! They were shocked that this was their cake! They were setting up for the ladies weekend and stopped to come huddle around the cake. They took pictures of the cake and with the cake. Haha... they were awesome! Thank you ladies!!

Hot Pink & Damask Wedding

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Lisa wanted an elegant but still fun and girlie wedding cake. Her wedding colors were hot pink, black, and white and she wanted to add some bling in there too. After getting a better idea of what she wanted, we came up with this design together. We used a full black damask pattern on the bottom tier to match her damask wedding scheme as well. The middle tier had pink and white pinstripes with an edible black border. We added some jewels around the monogram for extra bling and then used pink dragees in the corners of the diamond pattern on the top tier. I created small pink, hot pink, and white sugar flowers to make up a flower bunch on the top of the cake.

The wedding was held at a relative's beautiful home. The whole backyard was set up beautifully to match the color and damask scheme. It was stunning! I was so happy that the cake fit in perfectly to the wedding landscape. Congratulations, Lisa & Jared!!

Oh, her flavors were White Raspberry Kiss and Turtle Power Cake (you can check out the flavor descriptions at

Mini Mario Cake

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Recently, I've been making a lot more mini-cakes, which I think are ADORABLE! Look how tiny and cute this is!!! It's a 4-inch round top with a 6-inch round bottom. It's all covered in marshmallow fondant and all of the Mario bits and pieces are MMF as well. It was a Chocolate Chip No-Cookie Cake (vanilla cake layered with chocolate chips and buttercream). I loved making each little detail for Leo's birthday because it took me back to my childhood as well. Enjoy the throwback and the mini! :)

P.S. I'd like to add this to my nerd cake collection... Ah, I have to represent!

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