Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Camping Outdoorsy Birthday Cake

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Gloria was throwing an awesome 70th birthday bash for Jeff and wanted to have a cake that reflected him and his hobbies. He loves fly fishing, camping, and flying model airplanes. How do make that into one cake? Just like this :) The cake was Turtle Power Cake and then vanilla cake (Check out my full flavor list at www.SaltCakeCity.com). It was covered in marshmallow fondant and then the water/lake scene was all buttercream. I made little rocks, fish, reeds, and a fishing tool kit out of fondant to complete the fishing scene and then I made the tent, little boots and a campfire on the top of the cake for his camping hobby and lastly added a model airplane flying off the side of the cake too. I LOVED making this cake. I love when there are little details in the cake that make it so special. Everyone at the party loved the cake and seeing their excitement just made it even better :)

Mama Mia Spaghetti themed Cake & Cupcakes!

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Kristie has amazing parties and when she asked me to do little Mia's birthday cake, I knew it was going to be an amazing design! I think my favorite part of this was that she came up with this design herself and sketched it out for me! So cool! :)

The cakes were covered in marshmallow fondant and then I used styrofoam rounds for the black separators. The cupcakes were cream cheese frosting piped out so that they look like noodles topped with ferrero rocher candies and whoppers and then covered in strawberry sauce. I love, love, LOVED making such a unique cake :) Thanks, Kristie!

Skateboard Cake

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Stephanie wanted a unique cake for Kamrin's 12th birthday cake. He's a skater and she had a specific skateboard design she wanted replicated in cake form. The skateboard and wheels are all made of fondant and then the cake underneath is Cookies & Cake flavored... yum! I cut the design out of marshmallow fondant and hand painted the shading to give it more details. Here's the design of the actual skateboard.  I loved how the cake turned out!

Cars themed Birthday Cake

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Jana wanted a fun birthday cake for Kristian's 1st birthday! She was doing a Cars themed party from the Disney movies and so we came up with this design based on a cake she had seen and loved. The top tier was Kristian's smash cake and it was all buttercream with the iconic Cars logo with Kristian's name inside of it.

The cake was Ruby Red Velvet and Strawberry Cheesecake Cake flavored. The bottom two tiers were covered in marshmallow fondant an decorated with fondant road signs. So much fun! :)

Penguin's Igloo Birthday Cake

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I love this little topsy turvy penguin cake! It's all buttercream and the swirls on the side of the cake are marshmallow fondant. I made the penguins out of fondant as well and the snowflakes were fondant that have been dried with a little wire in them. Everytime I see this cake, it just reminds me of how cold Utah is! :) haha

Twilight Birthday Cake

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I don't know much about Twilight but I do know there are some die-heart fans out there! I've done a few Twilight themed cakes in the past and this time we went with a different idea. Geysan had some of Valeria's favorite quotes from the book and so I wrote them all around the cake. I used the iconic chess pieces, apple, flowers, and ribbon from the books too. The cake was After Dinner Mint Cake and Snow white Cake (see my whole flavor list at www.SaltCakeCity.com). Ah, Team Edward, Team Jacob? I don't know but love to make the cakes for them!

Purple Zebra and Flowers!

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Here comes an adorable story! Wendy emailed me and said her birthday was coming up and wanted to get a cake from me since she had some of her friend's wedding cake a while back and loved the flavor (Tuxedo cake, one layer of chocolate and 2 layers of vanilla cake layered with chocolate and vanilla buttercream and mini chocolate chips). Her request was to have a purple cake, maybe zebra stripes with colorful flowers on it. We planned it all out and came up with this design:
 That same week, I got a request from Sean for a purple cake with a black design on it and pretty flowers on it. He requested Tuxedo cake too, same specifications of 1 layer of chocolate, 2 vanilla, and mini chocolate chips! I thought it was strange but made it anyway and we came up with this design:
Turns out, Sean is Wendy's boyfriend who wanted to surprise her with a cake for her birthday! Wendy ended up with 2 Tuxedo cakes both in purple with flowers on it. I was pretty impressed at how well Sean did with describing what Wendy wanted. When Wendy came to get the surprise cake that Sean ordered, I asked if she still wanted it since she had just picked up the other one. She laughed and said of course, more cake for her! :) haha.

Pirate Birthday Cake

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This single tiered pirate birthday cake was for Makayla's 14th birthday. She loves pirates, Halloween, and skulls so we came up with this design. It was a Chunky Monkey cake (chocolate cake with banana cream filling, fresh bananas, and chocolate ganache). It was covered in marshmallow fondant with piped buttercream spiderwebs. I loved the simplicity of the design :)

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