Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wow, Wow, Wubbzy, I made three cakes!

Posted by Jennifer at 1:04 AM
Kieran turned one yesterday and his mom, Susannah, wanted a Wow, Wow, Wubbzy cake for him. After the giant wedding order from yesterday, I was pretty scared about finishing this cake order by 11am today. The cakes were a chunky monkey cake, which is chocolate cake layered with banana cream filling, chocolate ganache, and sliced bananas. Susannah chose this flavor because of her love for ganache, which is a rich and decadent chocolate frosting consisting of cream and chocolate. I sent her home with a little extra ganache on the side to get her through the party :) There was a lot of detail on this cake that I wanted to share so I tried to get a shot of the top of the cake and then I'm adding a picture of the characters made of fondant.

The yellow guy is Wubbzy, Walden is the purple dude, and Widget is the pink builder-woman. I also made the little birdies that Susannah, I mean Kieran, wanted so badly (hehe). After making this cake, I'm definitely going to invest more time into watching the show :) Kieran needed his own cake to smash open and enjoy so this smaller cake was just for him. Additionally, Susannah wanted to honor her brother's birthday and by honor, I mean make fun of him with a Wow, Wow, Old Wubbzy cake. I thought the idea was hilarious so I whipped up a third cake for Dallas. It's a bit hard to see in picture but the third Wubbzy is old, as evidenced by the little bifocals, the cane, the pants pulled up to his belly button and the gray beard/receding hair. Oh and his tail, which is usually up and curved is more lazy now. These three cakes were so much fun to make and I hope Kieran loved it too!


madelin said...

wow, wow, you're amazing!!! here i got to see firsthand how excellent your work is--it's incredible how the whole process comes together.

sugarlilysea on August 17, 2009 at 10:37 PM said...

These cakes were amazing and soooooo decadently good. Thanks for the extra ganache! Kieran and Dallas loved their cakes and everyone thought they were the cutest things ever.


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