Sunday, May 9, 2010

Salt Cake City's First Official Caking Class

Posted by Jennifer at 11:21 PM

I am so happy to discuss my first Salt Cake City caking class!! This weekend, five wonderful women (pictured: Dorothy, Kavina, (me), Lindsay, and Tandy) came over and we caked it up for a few hours. Kavina ordered a cake a while back and expressed her interest in learning how to cake. I asked her if she knew anyone else that wanted to learn and four of her friends came along for the ride. They were awesome for this first class because they knew each other so we were able to joke around like friends. I was truly amazed at how great their cakes turned out! My first cakes didn't look nearly as good as these that they created. Here are pictures of each of their cakes up close so you can get a good idea of their great work!

Kavina did a Cherry Blossom inspired cake. After putting the branches on, she kept saying, "Oh no, I don't like it!" We all encouraged her to keep going and then she fell in love with the finished product. I'm so glad she kept to it because this cake really is beautiful

Tandy was a little more indecisive about her cake design. She was the sarcastic one of the group who kept us laughing through the powdered sugar and fondant kneading. After taking quite a bit of time to choose her colors and design, she came up with this cute cake. Great work, Tandy! Sorry it was such a work out!

Lindsay loves ladybugs (as can be see by the adorable 3-D ones on the cake). I gave the women a few cake sketch options for inspiration and Lindsay modified a garden theme to incorporate her love of ladybugs. She made the ladies and then used an edible marker for the dots on their backs. Check out that awesome fondant job! It was her first try and pretty flawless!

Jana was quiet and focused throughout the cake class. She chose her color scheme nicely and layered her dots wonderfully. I love the tiny little bow that she added at the bottom of the cake for an extra adorable touch. Great job, Jana!

Dorothy was the shining star of the class (well, Tandy thought she was actually a caker just pretending to be a novice :) Dorothy was the first one done in nearly all of the steps in the process and took charge of her cake. She made this cake for her granddaughter with lots of love (obviously). So cute!

Thank you, ladies, for a great class! It was so much fun for me and I think a bit of a work out for some of you, huh! :) I hope you showed your creations off and enjoyed the spoils of making a cake!

Future Salt Cake City Cake Classes:
If anyone is interested in learning how to cake (or knows someone who might love a class on caking), this first cake class is a nice place to start. This class is 100% hands-on and all of the materials are supplied for you so you just have to show up ready to work and get a little covered in powdered sugar. In this class, each student made their own batch of marshmallow fondant, and then torted and covered their cakes in buttercream. Then, they colored their fondant and decorated their cakes according to their designs. Throughout the class, I provided the students with different tips, tricks, and hands-on instruction along with a full binder of the information covered in class. The best part is that each student gets to take their creations home to eat with friends and family. Feel free to email me with any questions about the class at If you have a group of four friends or family that are interested, we can set up a personal cake class for you just as this cake class was for these ladies. Thank you!


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