Saturday, May 29, 2010

Twilight Cake for Mom

Posted by Jennifer at 11:45 PM
This month alone, Sarah bought 6 cakes from me and so I wanted to do something special for her. She has bought several other cakes from me in the past and has posted them onto her blog. Her mom has commented on the cakes and happened to be visiting Salt Lake this year during her birthday. Sarah said that her mother had hinted all week about her potential birthday cake and what she would want me to make for her. In the end, Sarah wanted to surprise her mom with a unique Twilight cake and to give back to Sarah, I thought I could make her an awesome, over-sized cake. This way, I could surprise Sarah with a much bigger cake and Sarah could surprise her mom. It worked out pretty well. :)

The chess pieces, flowers, and apple were all made out of fondant and all of the cakes were covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. The second tier with the chess board squares was real cake (German Chocolate Cake: Chocolate cake layered with coconut, chopped pecans and chocolate buttercream) and the other three tiers are fake cakes. I cut the "Twilight" logo out of fondant so that it looked just like the book title. This cake was one of the most simplified cakes that I've made and trust me, I wanted to put more and more and more on it but I tried really hard to cut back to make it look simple and organized. I really hope Sarah's mom loves the cake.

Oh, I have to mention that Sarah wins the award for most unique flavors tried. She's ordered everything from Cherry Chocolate cake with sliced almonds and cream cheese frosting (her creation) to Lemon cake with chocolate buttercream (although that was for a friend). Thank you, Sarah!!


losie said...

Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob; I'm on Team Salt Cake City!!!


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