Monday, August 9, 2010

Tunnel of Fudge Cake

Posted by Jennifer at 10:26 PM
I recently took a special order for a couple coming out from San Francisco to celebrate a birthday in style. Debby wanted something really unique and nostalgic for Ari's birthday and decided to get a Chocolate Tunnel of Fudge cake. The only problem (besides no one else in Salt Lake doing special orders) was that this particular recipe had been discontinued by Pillsbury. Let me explain...

The Tunnel of Fudge cake took second place in the famous Pillsbury bake off in 1966. Since then, Pillsbury stopped making the main essential ingredient to the recipe that creates a chocolate tunnel that seems to ooze out of the cake when you cut into it. In its place, multiple recipes have come about that say that are the same cake... they are not! (No, I'm not bitter! :) In any case, I tried a few recipes and chose the one that tasted the best, knowing full and well that the "tunnel of fudge" doesn't exist anymore. Sad.

Luckily, Ari and Debby loved the cake. Debby said it was the sentiment of his childhood that she wanted and that I succeeded in that. (Don't worry, I warned her that the oozing chocolate wouldn't exist. She was awesome about it!)



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