Monday, August 9, 2010

White on White Wedding Cake

Posted by Jennifer at 10:35 PM
Marissa wanted a very traditional and elegant cake for her wedding. We went through many ideas and ended on this very classic looking cake. The whole cake is made out of marshmallow fondant as were the pearls and swags. The flower matched the flower on her wedding dress and was made out of fondant. It took a few days to assemble so that it was just right since flowers are made by cutting out each leaf individually and then fusing them together with sugar and water (Yum!).

The top tier was Brownie Lovers Cake (chocolate cake layered with brownies and chocolate ganache), the middle tier was Chocolate Chip No Cookie Cake (vanilla cake with chocolate chips baked in, layered with buttercream and more chocolate chips), and the bottom tier was Strawberry Not So Short Cake (strawberry cake with strawberries baked in, layered with vanilla cream filling and buttercream).

So here's the tragic almost-incident that occurred with this cake. You see the initials? Beautiful? Yes. Correct? No. It was about 30 minutes before I was leaving to deliver the cake when someone here joked, "Oh, Micheal Jordan's getting married?" I laughed and then realized that those were NOT their initials! I took a look at the contract and realized that the initials were supposed to be M and S. I took a deep breath (after freaking out for a few minutes, of course) and went to work. I fixed the J so that it looked like an S. I took a step back and felt better about it. Then, someone made a comment about how there's usually an ampersand (&) between initials, otherwise it just looks like one person's initials. Again, I freaked out for a moment and went back to the drawing board. I added a plus sign (+) just as Marissa requested. I took another step back and had finally finished the cake, just in time.

Could you imagine if I had brought the cake with the wrong initials? The groom probably would've had some questions for Marissa :) I'm glad it right and I'm glad Marissa loved it. When I brought the cake in, the mother of the bride said "WOW! That flower looks exactly like the one on her dress!" Phew! That means I did a pretty good job, I suppose.



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