Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All Draped Wedding Cake

Posted by Jennifer at 3:41 PM
This 3-tiered wedding cake was all draping with bunches of fresh purple and white flowers. When Monica told me what she wanted, I was a little skeptical. Okay, I was REALLY skeptical. I was afraid that the full draping wouldn't look right. I'm glad we went forward with the concept though because I ended up loving this design. This was a 6-10-14 inch round cake but it doesn't look as big as it actually was. The wedding cake was covered in all marshmallow fondant and then I placed toothpicks where the fresh flowers needed to go.

The wedding was held at the Capital Building in Salt Lake City, which was a journey in and of itself! I had to deliver 3 wedding cakes that day so I was on a time crunch. We pulled up to the back of the building and went inside to scope out the location. It was upstairs and quite a bit away from where we were parked (illegally parked, I should mention) so I knew we wouldn't be able to carry the cake that far. I searched down a caterer to ask if they had a push cart we could use... and 30 minutes later, we finally had one. We slowly rolled the cake over to the reception area (every bump in the tile flooring was exaggerated with the cake on this push card) and my hubby ran back to the car to move it since we were parked illegally... outside of the Capital Building. Haha. Ironic. Anyway, I was trying to put the flowers on as quickly as possible since I heard the music starting and all of the wedding guests were awaiting the bride's walk down the stairs (it's nerve racking finishing a cake with a crowd of people surrounding you). I finished the look, snapped off some pictures, and ran away as fast as I could to see if we had a parking ticket (luckily we didn't). Phew! The cake turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

The top was Lemon raspberry cake, the middle was Smore's Cake and the bottom was Ruby Red Velvet cake. All marshmallow fondant draping... and it was HEAVY! haha. One more thing. When making this cake, it was quite possibly one of the ugliest cakes I've ever made until the put the flowers on it. It looked naked... and sad. Once those flowers were on though, gorgeoud! :)


Connie on March 17, 2014 at 3:28 PM said...

That is truly the most beautiful draped cake I've ever seen!


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