Friday, October 1, 2010

Barbwire & Shotgun Shells

Posted by Jennifer at 8:09 PM
Capryl wanted a unique wedding cake... and I mean UNIQUE! When we originally talked, she wanted shotguns shells, barbwire, and bullets on the cake. I was definitely interested in the challenge. I had the couple over for a cake tasting and her fiance, Rob, happened to see my Chocolate Flower cake (all brown with lots of bright flowers on it) and wanted something like that. I remember telling them at that a barbwire-shotgun-cake couldn't be any further from the Chocolate Flower Cake. Turns out, I was wrong! We ended up using shotgun shells made from chocolate, fake barbwire, AND beautiful, bright flowers. The couple had a dark red and orange/dark yellow color theme so I made these sugar flowers to match their colors.

Two of the tiers were Banana Cream Pie Cake (lightly flavored banana cake layered with banana cream filling, sliced fresh bananas, and buttercream). The other two tiers were Mocha Java Cake with Caramel Cream filling (chocolate cake layered with coffee buttercream). Rob came to the cake tasting saying he doesn't like cake and I sold him on the Banana Cream Pie Cake (since it tasted like pie :) and Capryl came to the cake tasting saying she doesn't like fondant. I sold her on my homemade marshmallow fondant (as I mentioned in a earlier post).

Now onto the delivery. My best friend/marshmallow fondant maker, Rosie, came with me for the delivery. Capryl and Rob held their wedding pretty far out of town on, what I could only describe as a farm (but I'm from Long Beach so what do I know?). It was a BEAUTIFUL setting and they decorated the reception site to match their colors but kept that outdoor-home feel. On the day of the wedding, it was ridiculously hot but really windy for some reason. The caterers could barely keep the red-bandana themed napkins on the table. It was challenging to set the cake up on site because of the heat and wind but it was a success and I heard their wedding was also amazing.

I LOVE when couples make their wedding their own and really personalize every detail. This wedding cake was so unique and turned out great! Capryl & Rob, thank you for trusting me with this amazing creation and congratulations!


best friend/marshmallow fondant maker said...

That was such a fun and unique cake, bud! I had a blast helping out and it was cool getting to see the beautiful wedding location and how great the cake looked there.


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