Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Ode to my Students

Posted by Jennifer at 12:30 AM
Over the summer, I began teaching cake classes and have met some amazing upcoming cakers as well as some ladies that were just along for the ride. I have been VERY behind on my blog postings but I wanted to give a shout out to these wonderful ladies and their beautiful creations. For all of the women, this was their first time covering a cake in marshmallow fondant and for most of these women, this was their very first time making a cake in general.Alin's flower cake is impeccable. She has made beautiful cakes with buttercream and was experimenting with fondant for the first time. With such a great job here, I doubt she'll go back :)
Holli's circles cake was awesome. The colors worked well especially with the alternating marshmallow fondant border she created. I'm always impressed at how well these ladies have been at covering their cakes with fondant for the first time. This was definitely a first for Holli but you can't tell from this picture!

This beautiful cherry blossom cake was Sarah's first ever cake creation! Look at that fondant job! It was covered like a pro!
Pam had an awesome idea for her cake creation. Her husband is a really big golfer and so she wanted to make him a golf-themed cake. This was totally her idea! She cut the blades of grass but even more impressive was the way that she used a melon-baller to indent the cake in order to put the impressions (i don't know what those hole-looking things are called on a golf ball!). Great work here, Pam! SO creative! I told her I was going to take this cake and tell everyone it was my own... but alas, I'm not creative enough to think of that! :)

Andrea was probably the funniest student I've had in my cake classes. Every time I turned around, she was eating something... cake, frosting, marshmallow fondant... it was hilarious to watch her work. By the end of the class, not only had she created this beautiful work of art, but she was COVERED in powdered sugar (don't worry, most of it was just thrown on for the picture :) Thank you for the fun time, Andrea!

Starla made a red and black circle cake for her family. Again, look at those beautifully covered sides! This is tough, even for pros!
Honey had crisp edges here at the top and the blue border really gave the cake a little punch of character. This looked effortless for her! Well done!

Hearts, hearts, and stars... Marcela's first time using marshmallow fondant seemed so easy! She was definitely a natural! That's probably because she's always hands deep in chocolate or sugar or something sweet. She brought homemade chocolate truffles to our cake class so along with powdered sugar, we had chocolate.... yummm! You can check out her chocolate deliciousness at

This cake was pretty much Rosie's first time making any type of cake related creation. She was definitely afraid of the outcome but did a beautiful job here, as you can see. She accented her cake with bright orange and blue shapes and kept it very simple. Nice work!

Michelle's cake creation was totally unique because she designed as she went along. Great job, Michelle!
Sara was so excited to learn how to use marshmallow fondant. She has made many cakes in the past using buttercream and was always a bit scared to try fondant. As you can see, she did a beautiful job with the flowers and the fondant in general. Since the class, she's been making more cakes with fondant and getting better with each new creation!
Salley's hearts and stripes were very feminine and the purple accents brought a little more depth to this cake. Great job, Cathy! I'm sure her hubby loved it :)

Thank you so much to all of you who have filled my cake classes with hard work, laughter and fun! Even though some of you were disappointed in the process, you all ended up admitting how much fun you had and how proud you were of your creations. I have been amazingly proud of your work as well because trust me, my first cakes did NOT look this good. I hope to see more pictures of your caking and as always, feel free to call or text or email with any caking emergencies! :)


losie said...

thanks for the ode, buddy; you were a great teacher! i made a cake!!

sjohnson on October 4, 2010 at 2:36 PM said...

Jennifer....loved the post, but the last cake is mine....Salley...Loved the class and can't wait until the next one. You are so cake guru.

Tina Dyer said...

This is so cool. Wish I were still in SLC to take your class.


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