Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stack of Books for us Nerds

Posted by Jennifer at 2:37 PM

Corrinne was the one we grad students went to for... well, pretty much everything. If I didn't know what to register for, I asked her. If I didn't know my copy code, I asked her. If I needed something changed for class, I asked her. I don't know if everyone relied as much on Corrinne as I did but I was definitely sad to hear that she was leaving. Corrinne really just moved to a different office on campus because she's TEACHING now! (woo-hoo! Now she can get the joys that we get!) Even though we were all very happy for her, it was still a very bitter sweet goodbye. In her honor, I decided to make her a set of books since she loves to read and let's face us, all grad students are nerds, right? :) One "book" was Mocha Java Cake (chocolate cake layered with coffee buttercream), one "book" was Coconut Cream Pie Cake (coconut flavored cake layered with coconut cream filling, coconut flakes, and buttercream), and one "book" was Banana Cream Pie Cake (lightly flavored banana cake layered with banana cream filling, banana slices, and buttercream).
In order to make these books, I had to pre-cut the covers of each book so that when the fondant hung over the sides, they wouldn't sag. I dried them slightly over a fake styrofoam box and then that way, I could just lift it off and place it on the cake. The book's cover design was made by using a stencil and gold colored buttercream. I accented it further with molded cut outs. It's hard to see here, but I scored the marshmallow fondant along the book sides in order appear as though they are pages.

I remember being a few minutes late to the surprise get-together for Corrinne and so the new graduate advisor, Hilary, was waiting for me outside. I quickly carried the books toward her and she asked where the cake was... then she stopped and said, "Wait, this is a cake?!" When we finally got in and set the cake up, Corrinne came in to the surprise party, which at this point wasn't such a surprise because us Comm students/faculty and really talk :) She started to cry and then we cried and then we ate cake. I couldn't have asked for a better reaction. Corrinne, you really have done so much for us (me especially) and you are greatly missed! Come visit us soon!


kelly said...

WOW! That is awesome! I love this cake. My mom needs a cake like this.

rosie said...

so so so so so so so cool....since i got there later than you did, i didn't get to see how cool these "books" really were!!! dang! nice job, bud!! of course, the banana cream pie was my fave ;) and yes, it really was a bitter SWEET goodbye! miss you, Corrinne!

Fabelicious on March 4, 2013 at 4:13 PM said...

wowo, that's one awesome cake! love the patterns!


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