Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trio of Strawberry Cakes

Posted by Jennifer at 6:14 PM
Chris & Annie were having a cake tasting for their upcoming wedding and ended up picking three flavors with strawberry in them. For the tasting, I decided to decorate them with an old-school parlor theme. The real reason I decorated them was because I needed a way to tell them apart! :) The first cake is Old Fashioned PB&J. It was peanut butter flavored cake layered with strawberry cream filling and buttercream. The groom loved this flavor because of its uniqueness and they ended up choosing that for their wedding cake. The peanut and strawberry accents were made out of marshmallow fondant.
The second flavor was Strawberry Cheesecake, which is strawberry cake with strawberries baked in layered with cheesecake cream filling and buttercream. I loved this little cheesecake on the top of the cake. It made me hungry to eat the cakes!
This last cake is White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cake which is strawberry cake with strawberries baked in layered with whipped white chocolate ganache. It was RICH! Phew!

In any case, I loved the look of these three even though there was no reason to decorate them... just for funsies! :)


turkledawg said...

it's cool to love what you do so much that you go these dorky extra miles! ;)


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